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   I know how everyone feels uncomfortable with being screened, and I'm sorry.

I value safety and security foremost, as well as respecting the comfort and privacy of both parties.  

  Without exception, I require all first-time gentlemen to be screened.  In addition I ask for a form of ID as well. In respect to privacy, any information conveyed, remains strictly confidential.  I do not save any personal information ever.

  I don't visit first-time clients unless they have filled out the screening form below.  Not having a reference doesnt mean you are disqualified.  I will chat with you and get to know you by speaking to you.  

  I do however reserve the right to decline a date no matter how many references you provide etc.  The best dates happen when you feel comfortable in the other person's presence.

  This is an opportunity for everyone to be carefree and have fun.  If you feel anything less then positive, don't hesitate to convey you aren't feeling comfortable.  Treat the lady with respect of course.  

"If it's not fun, why do it?"  Ben and Jerry  

Don't hesitate to ask general questions if you have them.  Please don't ask about what your date will be like.  Everyone is different, and the experience is a result of two different people meshing, or not.  Such is life.  Life is a gift, treat it as  such.  XOXO