Men, close your eyes and imagine your daughter is dating a man like you.  Did you smile? No, then change!

I get many messages from people with questions about various things.  So, I decided to re-do my etiquette section Q and A Style.  

  • Q: How do I make an appointment with you?
  • A: If we have met text me or email If we haven't met you are out of luck.
  • Q: Do you have reviews?
  • A: Yes, 10 years worth of positive reviews can be found on
  • Q: May I ask for a menu of your services?
  • A: No.  This is rude.
  • Q: How far ahead should I plan a date?
  • A: No more than a week in advance.  I prefer day ahead.  
  • Q: Do you offer overnights?
  • A. NO
  • Q: Do you take outfit requests?
  • A: Absolutely I take OUTFIT request.  I, however, will not change my hair, nail polish eye color or anything else.  If you don't like my hair, nails, or eyes go see someone else. 
  • Q: Do you have a friend that can join us?
  • A: I work alone.  
  • Q: What happens if either party cancels?
  • A: I never get upset about someone canceling.  life comes first, or maybe someone had second thoughts and anxiety.  THINGS HAPPEN.  I have to cancel.  I offer $50 off the next session in this case.   
  • Q: Why are you not seeing new clients?
  • A:  This is my business.  Period end of the conversation